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Origin Acoustics Blank Filler For BZ68

Origin Acoustics Blank Filler For BZ68


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Origin Acoustics BC68

Key Features

  • Cover for 6" and 8" speakers
  • Allows for later installation for over 25 different models
  • Easy installation process
  • Great for pre-cabling situations
  • Powerful upgrade ability for any installation

Product Overview

Compatible with the revolutionary Zip-Clip system This turn in and clip plug provides a seal to the ceiling cavity.

The Bayonet Cover from Origin Acoustics gives you the flexibility you need. If you are wiring a new house, or retro-fitting an established home, with the BC68 there’s no need to install the speakers until the client is ready for them.

With the BC68 Cover Plate, you can prewire a home, precut and install the bayonet ring, all before a pressure test, keep unwanted substances out of your clients’ attic, and protect your wiring before the final install.

Each cover provides a clear space for the Dealer Sticker to be placed onto the cover plate, ensuring future business


BC68 Cover Plate

• BC68
• BZ68BC-8 BUNDLE (8-Pack)






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