About Us

Regardless of it you choose a sound bar beneath a television, a full outdoor surround sound system, or an altogether custom home cinema, our products combine immaculately. We ensure uniformity by equipping every loudspeaker with a planar magnetic  high-frequency driver. This consistency of form lends itself to seamless listening experiences of extraordinary quality.

  • Landscape Ribbon

    The Landscape Ribbon (LSR) is the first primarily residential loudspeaker developed by Ambisonic Systems.

  • 6.5HD & 6.5HD 2

    Available as singles or double-stacked, they incorporate a high-quality Italian woofer and proprietary magnetic planar driver within a petite, sturdy weatherized cabinet, ready for installation outdoors in the landscape or on a wall.

  • Bollard 10 Burial Speaker

    Crafted in the USA, the Bollard 10 is an all-encompassing burial speaker guaranteed to enhance any backyard lifestyle in virtually all backyards.

  • Passive Subwoofers

    Our subwoofers are appropriate for the club, a small venue, and your backyard. Using only the finest Italian woofers and patented 100/70v transformers, these models can produce surprisingly low frequencies, even at lesser volumes.