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Manhattan AcoustaSense™ Absorption Panel Rect Black - 6 Pack

Manhattan AcoustaSense™ Absorption Panel Rect Black - 6 Pack


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AcoustaSense Rectangle Panel Absorber for Home Theatre

6-Pack value pack

Key Features

  • 50mm Thick broadband fibreglass
  • Black fabric-wrapped absorber panel
  • Reduces unwanted echoes & reverberation
  • Improves sound clarity & voice intelligibility
  • Enhances room aesthetics
  • Effortless installation with RotoFast
  • Increases home cinema value

Product Overview

Experience unparalleled auditory bliss with AcoustaSense Large Rectangle Panel. Designed to diminish echoes and reverberation, this panel enhances sound clarity and acoustics in your home cinema. Its sleek black fabric finish complements any decor, adding a touch of sophistication. Easy to install with RotoFast connectors, it not only elevates your listening experience but also boosts the visual and functional value of your space.







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