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Manhattan AmbientStarlight™ Ceiling Tile 0.64sqm KIT

Manhattan AmbientStarlight™ Ceiling Tile 0.64sqm KIT


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Transform any space into a celestial masterpiece with the all-new star ceiling range from Manhattan.
Crafted from compressed acoustic fibreglass with resin-hardened bevel edges, these panels bring durability and sophistication to your cinematic ceilings. The fibre optic lighting array, powered by an integrated light engine, creates a mesmerising realistic starry effect.

Installation is a breeze with the RotoFastTM fixing system, ensuring the fastest and most precise setup. The panels' tiling capability and concealed perimeter light shelf offer versatility and enhanced aesthetics. Wrapped in premium black fabric, these panels are perfect for cinema rooms, absorbing both light and sound reflection.

Elevate your space with the perfect blend of technology, design, and acoustics.


Compressed Fibreglass Construction: Durable star ceiling panels made of acoustic fibreglass are built for longevity and sturdiness.
Ultra Fast Install: RotoFast System - Swift, stress-free installation with a revolutionary fixing system.
Resin Hardened Bevel Edges: Eliminate problems with out-of-square rooms & uneven ceilings, increasing overall appearance.
Fibre Optic Star Effect: An array of different size stars emanating from an integral light engine create a stunning and realistic starry night effect. 

Tiling Capability: Available in 1000x1000mm and 800x800mm sizes, these panels can be seamlessly tiled to cover larger ceiling spaces.

LED Halo Rebate: Featuring a rebate for an optional perimeter LED strip allowing for a captivating halo lighting effect.
Acoustical Enhancement: Premium black fabric & acoustic core, diminishes unwanted audible reverberation.
Easy Wiring: Each panel includes a light engine with loop-in/out 12V cabling for easy plug & play linking, simplifying connectivity.
Ceiling Speaker Compatibility: Panels can be cut for easy integration with OriginTM ZipclipTM speakers for easy Dolby AtmosTM installs.



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