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Oceanic Premium 4 Core Speaker Wire 16 AWG - Reelex

Oceanic Premium 4 Core Speaker Wire 16 AWG - Reelex


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High End Professional Audio In-Wall Rated, Home Theater Grade, Speaker Audio


  • 99.97% Oxygen Free bare copper conductors
  • High Strand Count
  • Ultra Flexibility
  • Easy Pull Coated PVC jacket
  • Easy Strip Construction
  • ULListed, CMR In-Wall Rated, NEC CL2, and CEC CMG FT4; RoHS, CE


This cable consists of high strand count insulated oxygen free copper conductors in twisted pair construction (unshielded) with easy strip PVC jacket. Cable includes SCP Cable Labeling System with sequential foot/meter markings, and room/zone/outlet designations for easy cable identification.

SCP PART#: 14/4OFC-XX-D Speaker Cable

Dca rated speaker cable designed for optimal performance in low voltage applications. This high-quality cable features four 14 AWG conductors composed of 105 strands of oxygen-free copper, ensuring excellent signal transmission and durability.


Feature Specification
Part Number 14/4OFC-PUR-D (Purple), 14/4OFC-WT-D (White)
Regulatory Compliance UL 444 & UL 13, Type CMR/CL3, EU RoHS 2011/65/EU, EN50575:2014 Reaction to Fire Class Dca
Application Speaker Cable, Power limited not to exceed 80V
Conductor Material Stranded Bare Copper
Conductor Size 14AWG X 4C
Electrical & Physical Characteristics Conductor Resistance: Max 9.2ohm/km at 20°C, Insulation Resistance: Min 50MΩ*km at 20°C, Dielectric Strength: Min AC1.5KV
Operating Temperature Range 20°C to 75°C
Insulation/Jacket Material PVC
Tensile Strength (Unaged/Aged) 13.8Mpa / 11.7Mpa (100°C 168h)
Elongation (Unaged/Aged) 100% / 50% (100°C 168h)
Min. Bend Radius 15D/120mm
Colors Black, Red, White, Green
Packaging 500ft/Box, Approx. Weight: 22kgs/48.501lbs, Approx. Dimension: 310x340x350mm, Packages per Pallet: 36
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