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Origin D57DT/SUR Single Stereo 2 Way InCeiling Speaker

Origin D57DT/SUR Single Stereo 2 Way InCeiling Speaker


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Origin Acoustics D57DT

Key Features

  • Space-efficient design with a 5'' Glass Fiber woofer
  • Tool-free, secure installation system
  • Engineered for clear, detailed mid and high frequencies
  • Dual 0.75” Silk Dome tweeters for exceptional sound clarity
  • 5” woofer delivers balanced and rich audio performance
  • Ideal for multi-room setups and smaller spaces

Product Overview

The Origin Acoustics D57DT in-ceiling speaker is designed to bring superior sound quality in a compact package. It features a 5'' Glass Fiber woofer and dual 0.75” Silk Dome tweeters, providing a balanced sound spectrum. The D57DT's installation is quick and effortless, thanks to its innovative tool-free mounting system. This model is ideal for enhancing the audio experience in any room, offering a blend of high-quality sound and sleek, unobtrusive design. Experience the difference in sound with the D57DT.




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