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Origin DSP3-150 3 Channel Low Impedance DSP Amplifier

Origin DSP3-150 3 Channel Low Impedance DSP Amplifier


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Origin Acoustics DSP3-150 Amplifier

Key Features

  • 600w total output for powerful audio performance
  • Two 150w channels and one 300w channel
  • Preconfigured DSP for easy setup
  • Integrated compressors and limiters for speaker protection
  • Class D NXP Amplifier Module for efficient operation

Product Overview

The Origin Acoustics DSP3-150 Amplifier is a versatile and powerful audio solution, delivering a combined 600 watts of high-fidelity sound across three channels. It features two channels at 150 watts each and a third at 300 watts, ideal for architectural subwoofers. The amplifier is equipped with preconfigured DSP and an in-depth editor, providing flexibility in audio customization. Its Class D NXP Amplifier Module ensures efficient operation, while integrated limiters and compressors safeguard the connected speakers.

Part Number:  AMPD03X 1500
# of Channels:  3 Powered Out (L/R/S)
Analog Input:  2x RCA A/B Unbalanced
Digital Input:  1x Optical
Analog output:  2x RCA A/B Unbalanced
Dimensions:  433 x 88 x 357mm Without mounts
482 x 88 x 357mm With mounts
Output Power:  150W @ 4Ω – Left
150W @ 4Ω – Right
300W @ 4Ω – Subwoofer
Rated Power 4 ohm: 
L/R: <1% (1Khz) Sub: <3% (5hz)
Protection:  Over-Current, Over/Under Voltage, Output DC and Over-Temperature




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