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Origin DSP3-700 3 x 500w @ 8 Ohm, 700w @ 70v/4 Ohm

Origin DSP3-700 3 x 500w @ 8 Ohm, 700w @ 70v/4 Ohm


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Origin Acoustics DSP3-700 Amplifier

Key Features

  • 2100W total power for high-performance audio
  • 3 channels with optional stereo summing
  • Matrix power switching for versatile configurations
  • PC DSP editing via USB for precise control
  • 70V or 8-Ohm compatibility for flexible installation

Product Overview

The Origin Acoustics DSP3-700 Amplifier is a high-powered, versatile amplifier featuring 3 channels with up to 700 watts of Class-D power per channel. It's designed for long runs of 70V loudspeakers, capable of powering over 20 landscape loudspeakers per channel. This amplifier is pre-loaded with Origin Acoustics DSP settings and offers matrix power switching, PC DSP editing via USB, and a sleek 2U design, making it an ideal choice for extensive audio installations.

Part Number:  AMPD03X7000
# of Channels:  3 Powered Out (L/R/S)
Analog Input:  4 x RCA A/B Unbalanced Max Input 12dBu
Digital Input:  1 Stereo Coaxial, 1 Stereo Optical
Dimensions:  433 x 88 x 357mm Without mounts
482 x 88 x 357mm With mounts
Dynamic Power:  700 Watts RMS / Channel, All Channels Driven into 4 Ohm / 70 V, 500 Watts
RMS/ Channel Driven into 8 Ohm x 3, Dynamic Power (Peak) 1 kW / Channel x 3
Power Supplies:  1 Independent Switch Mode Power Supply
Output Circuitry:  Class D – Self-Oscillating PWM Topology; 400kHz Supplied by Independent
THD @ Rated Power
4 ohm (1kHz): 
0.02% (1W), 0.05% (60W), 0.08% (100W)
Dynamic Range:  118dB (A-Weighted, AES-17 Filter)
Feature 1:  USB program interface
Feature 2:  DSP 24/96 Sampling/Resolution
Presets Built in:  64
Rack Space:  2U
Protection:  Clip Limiting, Temperature, Over Current, DC, HF on outputs




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