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Origin FB10 Sound Enclosure For 10"

Origin FB10 Sound Enclosure For 10"


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Origin Acoustics FB10 Sound Enclosure For D10 10inch Speaker

Key Features

  • Damping insulated box
  • Meets 1-Hour Fire Rating Standards.
  • Adaptable for standard ceilings and construction sizes.
  • Prevents sound transfer, and enhances bass in the listening area.
  • Designed for secure, suspended ceiling installations.
  • Ensures safety in multi-level buildings.

Product Overview

Origin Acoustics is the team that introduced the first UL Fire-Rated enclosure for commercial installations back in 1995.
Carefully designed with proper airspace for the powerful bass response in the Director Collection speakers, our metal sound enclosures reduce room transfer by more than 90% while maintaining sufficient bass output. Each enclosure is built to exceed the one-hour test in conjunction with the applicable requirements of ASTM E119, Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials, 2015--Making it perfect for use in both home and commercial installations




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