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Origin GR68 Round White Grille For 6" & 8" Models

Origin GR68 Round White Grille For 6" & 8" Models


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Origin Acoustics Director GR68 Round White Grille For 6" & 8" Models

Key Features

  • Superior Grille for 6" & 8" models
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Blends seamlessly into any decor.
  • Magnetic Design: Ensures easy installation and removal.
  • Ultra-Fine Perforation: Offers superior sound transparency.
  • Paintable Surface: Customize to match your interior.
  • Slim Outer Bezel: Minimalistic design for a subtle appearance.

Product Overview

Designed to give the Origin Acoustics Director Collection speakers, these replacement grilles fit onto and in the exact location of the standard round grilles. The magnetic attachment means the grille will never fall off. The GR68 Round Grille is designed for aesthetic integration and functionality. Its magnetic, paintable design allows for easy customization and seamless blending with interior décor. The grille's ultra-fine perforation and slim bezel make it nearly invisible, preserving the beauty of your space while delivering quality sound.



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