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Origin OSUB10P OnGround Landscape Patio Subwoofer

Origin OSUB10P OnGround Landscape Patio Subwoofer


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Origin Acoustics OSUB10P

Key Features

  • Engineered for outdoor durability with high-density composite materials
  • 10" down-firing woofer for omnidirectional bass
  • Dual compatibility with 8 ohm and 70 V systems
  • UV resistant, camouflage brown finish for subtle integration
  • Optional OSUB10PBASE for enhanced performance on soft surfaces
  • On-Ground Landscape Patio Subwoofer
  • 10" Polypropylene Woofer
  • 8 Ohm / 70v Compatible
  • 32Hz - 100Hz Frequency Range
  • 150 Watt Power Handling
  • Weatherproof HDPE Enclosure
  • Match With SUBA150 Amp

Product Overview

Experience deep, resonant bass outdoors with the Origin Acoustics OSUB10P subwoofer. Designed to withstand the elements, this 10-inch subwoofer delivers powerful sound across a 35 Hz - 150 Hz frequency range. Its durable, UV-resistant build and versatile design make it perfect for any outdoor audio system. Enhance your landscape with seamless sound integration.

Model  OSUB10P
Part number  OSUB10P1000
Woofer Cone  Polypropylene
Woofer Diameter  10" (254mm)
Frequency Response  35 Hz - 150 Hz
Impedance  8 ohm / 70 V
Dimensions  400 x 543 x 400mm





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