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Origin PBR68B Pendant BLACK Shell With Bayonet

Origin PBR68B Pendant BLACK Shell With Bayonet


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Origin Acoustics PBR68B

Key Features

  • Pendant Shell With Bayonet  Suits 6" & 8" Models
  • High Excursion Woofer for deep, impactful bass
  • Pivoting™ Tweeter for precise high-frequency directionality
  • 70/100V Transformer Tap & Bypass Switch for versatile power options
  • Wide Coverage Angle for uniform sound dispersion
  • Easy Installation with Gripple® Suspension Kit

Product Overview

Experience unparalleled audio with Origin Acoustics' PBR68 Pendant Speaker. Designed for both longevity and exceptional sound quality, this speaker features a pivoting tweeter and high excursion woofer, ensuring rich, detailed audio across a wide coverage area. Ideal for professional installations, the PBR68 comes with a transformer tap and bypass switch, offering flexibility for 70v/100v systems. Installation is a breeze with the included Gripple® Suspension Kit. Elevate your sound environment with the PBR68.




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