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Origin Round Flush Mount Kit For Director 6" & 8"

Origin Round Flush Mount Kit For Director 6" & 8"


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Origin Acoustics FMKD68RD Flush Mount System Square 

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with Director models
  • Plaster mount for flush ceiling installation
  • Eliminates usual 4mm protrusion
  • Includes unique complement grill
  • Enhances room aesthetics

Product Overview

The Origin Flush Mount System revolutionizes speaker integration. Designed for Director 6.6" and 8" speakers, including BOC and Explorer versions, it offers a flush ceiling installation, eliminating unsightly gaps. The plaster in the mount and complement grill ensures a clean, sophisticated finish. Experience exceptional sound without compromising aesthetics, making your speakers an unobtrusive part of your interior design. Upgrade to this sleek solution and elevate your audio experience and room ambiance.



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