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SBR41 2 Way OnWall Soundbar - 1 channel model

SBR41 2 Way OnWall Soundbar - 1 channel model


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Origin Acoustics SBR41 Soundbar series

Key Features

  • Enhanced Stereo imaging
  • High-frequency response control
  • Superior room-filling sound
  • Exceptional sound clarity
  • Customizable grilles for décor compatibility

Product Overview

Experience enriched sound like never before with Origin Acoustics' SBR41. Engineered for exceptional stereo imaging and high-frequency response control, this audio marvel fills rooms with crystal clear, immersive sound. Plus, with customisable grilles, you can ensure the SBR41 complements your décor perfectly. A sound investment for audio enthusiasts.


Part:   SBR41000
Channels:   1
Woofers:   1 x 3 ½” Fiber Glass
Tweeter:   1 x 1” Silk DPSD
Frequency Response:   65Hz – 20kHz
Impedance:   4 Ω per Channel
Power RMS:   75 Watts
Power Peak:   150 Watts
Sensitivity:   90 dB
Enclosure:   Aluminum Cabinet
Height & Depth:  152 H x 65 D mm
Length:  302 – 327 mm





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