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SIM2 Crystal 4 Super Hybrid 4k Projector Black Gold Series

SIM2 Crystal 4 Super Hybrid 4k Projector Black Gold Series


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An extraordinary brightness accompanied by equally extraordinary colorimetry and contrast with super-selected optics and the professional ability to calibrate and adjust according to one's wish and ability (through a custom-made SIM2 LCC 6.0 software) plus custom-made production and a special setup by the factory (with simulation of the Customer's theater) make the CRYSTAL 4 SH GOLD SERIES  an object for a few and selected users who want "everything" in a projector that really has it all in the elegance of its shape.
It is an object that can easily compete with cinema projectors in terms of image quality without having the negative characteristics of the massive projector designed for commercial theaters with 1000 or more seats.

This new home cinema projector is a product at the top of the medium category in terms of price but by choice and necessity of SIM2 it is a product for the few:  just a few products can be produced per year, and they will only be produced upon orderwith a lead time which today is more than 60 days and which we hope will drop to less than 30 days by 2024.

Like  the flagship model NERO4S GOLD SERIESthe new Crystal 4SH GOLD SERIES represents the best of these 30 years of excellence.

Today the CRYSTAL 4 GOLD SERIES  is born and it has a distinctive sign in its livery with the gold color parts but above all under the livery it has an extraordinary heart.
The key features:
  • Brightness in Boost mode up to 4000 Ansi.
  • Max production per year: 50 pcs all numbered.
  • Super Professional Color Management via the new and custom-made SIM2 LCC 6.0,  able to modify colorimetric or brightness requirement
  • Special gamma adjustment per each color (RGB) 
  • Highly Selected crystal glass Lens for perfect focus definition
  • New Display modes including the new "Boost"
  • Special USB memory stick with the LCC 6.0 software.
  • Special "off line" dedicated production. 
  • Custom pre-set up in the factory by simulating the customer's theater installation. 
  • Customized user manual with the product special number mentioned and hand written.
  • White gloves inside the package for a "fingerprint free" handling.

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