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Velodyne Deep Waves 10" Active Passive Cabinet Subwoofer, Dual 10" Passive Radiators

Velodyne Deep Waves 10" Active Passive Cabinet Subwoofer, Dual 10" Passive Radiators


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Velodyne Acoustics DW-10 Deep Waves

Key Features

  • High quality subwoofer enhances audio output
  • Compact design allows versatile placement
  • State-of-the art technology ensures superior performance
  • Robust construction guarantees long-lasting durability
  • Innovative Digitally Controlled Echo (DCE) enhances listening experience

Product Overview

Experience the power of sound with the Velodyne Acoustics DW-10. Superb, compact subwoofer, ideally suited for audio enthusiasts desiring a superior home theatre experience. Featuring innovative Digitally Controlled Echo technology, the DW-10 delivers brilliant audio performance. Its robust construction and high-quality components ensure long-lasting usage. Enhance your audio entertainment with the DW-10 from Velodyne Acoustics.

Driver 10″ front firing driver
10” side radiating passive radiators
Amplifier Class D 600 watt dynamic 350 watt RMS
Overall Frequency Response: (± 3 dB) 28 Hz – 200 Hz
Overall Frequency Response: (± 10 dB) 25 Hz – 280 Hz
Low Pass Crossover 50 Hz to 180 Hz (12 dB/Octave)
Phase 0 / 180 degrees
Cabinet Design 22 mm MDF
Magnet Structure Dual ferrite magnet motor
Woofer 10” high excursion double vented basket driver with pp Membrane and convex cone
Voice Coil Four Layer 2,5″ / 63 mm voice coil
Input Gold plated Stereo/LFE RCA, Nickel plated High level in
Output Gold plated Stereo/ LFE RCA
Power Selector Off / Auto / On
Finishes Flat matte black paint
Dimensions (W/H/D) (includes feet and connectors) 38 cm x 40 cm x 32 cm
Weight (approx) 21 kg
Shipping Weight (approx) 24 kg





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