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Velodyne ImpactX-12 Black

Velodyne ImpactX-12 Black


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Velodyne ImpactX-12-B

Key Features

  • Integrated digital drive technology for advanced performance
  • An optimized, down-firing port for smooth, distortion-free low frequencies
  • Auto On/Off function for energy efficiency and ease of use
  • Advanced class D amplification for powerful and efficient sound
  • High-excursion, front-firing driver for exceptional bass output

Product Overview

Experience premium cinema-quality sound at home with Velodyne's ImpactX-12-B. This high-powered subwoofer infuses with digital drive technology, ensuring superior performance. Enjoy resonant, distortion-free bass with its optimized down-firing port. Features like Auto On/Off functionality enhances energy efficiency, while its advanced class D amplifier offers powerful sound. With its front-firing driver, brace yourselves for an exceptional bass output.





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