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Velodyne ImpactX-12 White

Velodyne ImpactX-12 White


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Velodyne ImpactX-12-W

Key Features

  • Enhanced bass performance for greatest musical impact
  • Room corner placement for optimal low-frequency response
  • Forward-firing 12-inch driver for clear sound reproduction
  • Design reduces distortion and provides tighter bass precision
  • High-output Class D amplifier for strong signal transmission

Product Overview

Leverage an immersive audio experience with the Velodyne ImpactX-12-W, known for delivering phenomenal bass performance. Engineered for optimal low-frequency response and clarity, this subwoofer features a forward-firing design that reduces distortion and provides precise bass. Its high-output Class D amplifier ensures potent signal transmission. Set it in the room corner for maximum musical impact.





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