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Velodyne ImpactX-15 Black

Velodyne ImpactX-15 Black


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Velodyne Acoustics ImpactX-15-B

Key Features

  • Deep, dramatic bass from a 15-inch driver
  • Dynamic power for distortion-free sound
  • Meticulously-crafted cabinet design for a sleek look
  • Advanced Digital Drive technology for superior audio clarity
  • User-friendly interface for easy adjustment and control
  • Remote adjustable DSP

Product Overview

The Velodyne Acoustics ImpactX-15-B enhances every audio experience with deep, distortion-free bass. Its 15-inch driver, powered by advanced Digital Drive technology, delivers clear, high-quality sound. The meticulously-crafted cabinet adds an elegant touch to any room. User-friendly interfaces offer effortless sound adjustment and control. Experience the power and precision of Velodyne’s ImpactX-15-B.





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