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Velodyne SC-IW BB InWall Passive Subwoofer

Velodyne SC-IW BB InWall Passive Subwoofer


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Velodyne SC-IW-BB SC Series Back Box

Key Features

  • Perfect integration into home theatre systems
  • Promotes deep bass enhancement
  • Improves overall sound performance
  • Easy-to-install in-wall design
  • High-resolution audio reproduction

Product Overview

Never compromise on sound with the Velodyne SC-IW-BB. With its innovative in-wall design, it easily adapts to your home theater system, providing enhanced, deep bass for exceptional sound performance. High-resolution audio reproduction ensures the clarity of every note, taking your listening experience to new heights. With an easy installation process, the Velodyne SC-IW-BB is the perfect addition for a true sound enthusiast who appreciates high-quality audio performance.





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