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Velodyne SC-IW DVR InWall Passive Subwoofer

Velodyne SC-IW DVR InWall Passive Subwoofer


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Velodyne Acoustics SC-IW-DVR Driver Assembly

Key Features

  • Unmatched subwoofer performance for superior audio
  • VEC-IC distortion control technology ensures clean sound
  • High-power forward firing design enhances bass response
  • Comes with an RMS limit for controlled audio
  • Integrated with an innovative crossover system for truly balanced audio

Product Overview

Experience exceptional audio clarity with the SC-IW-DVR from Velodyne Acoustics. This innovative subwoofer delivers unequalled performance owing to its high-power forward firing design and VEC-IC distortion control technology. It comes with an RMS limit to manage your audio experience, all while providing a balanced sound through its state-of-the-art crossover system. Upgrade to the SC-IW-DVR for a heightened audio experience.





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