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Velodyne WI-Connect Wireless Transmitter System

Velodyne WI-Connect Wireless Transmitter System


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Velodyne Acoustics WI-CONNECT RCA Wireless connect

Key Features

  • Wireless audio freedom enhances convenience
  • High-quality sound guarantees excellent performance
  • Compact design ensures easy installation
  • Multi-room audio increases versatility
  • Subwoofer integration improves audio depth
  • Wireless Transmitter System
  • Works With Any Brand Subwoofer
  • Also Has Left & Right Channels (3 Total!)
  • 4 Channel Adjustable Frequency
  • 15 Meter Range
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Many Velodyne Models Will Power Via Rear USB

Product Overview

Experience cutting-edge wireless sound with the Velodyne Acoustics WI-CONNECT. This compact device offers you audio freedom, connecting your smartphone or other devices to your speakers wirelessly for sound that is high-quality and rich in depth, courtesy of its subwoofer integration. Easy to install and highly versatile, it can adapt to multi-room audio setups, enhancing your audio experience across all corners of your living space.





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