About Us

Crowson Technology, LLC, designs and manufactures the most innovative and high quality vibro-tactile home entertainment products in the world. Crowson also produces and sells lab grade vibration test equipment through our subsidiary: Controlled Vibration. Crowson is a privately held company founded in 2001 by Randolph Crowson, President and Chief Engineer. Crowson Technology backs all of our products with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We spend ample time and personal attention ensuring that each product is properly installed and performs to our meticulous standards.

  • Shadow-8 Dual Motion Actuator

    The Shadow-8 Dual Motion Actuator is designed for those who demand the very best. It adds an unbelievably accurate, powerful, and uniform tactile effect to all types of chairs and couches. For those home theater enthusiasts who require high power output and have the highest standards, the Shadow-8 Dual Motion System is a necessity. 

  • D-501 Tactile Motion Amplifier

    The D-501 Tactile Motion Amplifier is designed to perfectly complement Crowson Shadow-8 Actuators. The D-501 Amplifier is built to reference-grade specifications. Integrated pre-amplifier features and beautiful stainless steel remote control offer a luxurious, custom-tailored experience. The 500 watt RMS (700W dynamic) amplifier is tuned for dynamic motion and includes distortion limiting electronics.

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