• Groove Diffuser Wall Panel

    Our versatile diffuser is ideal for both panel and whole-wall diffusion. It ships in boxes of six panels, allowing for easy installation. With a tongue and groove system, it ensures a seamless finish. Finished in matte black polyurethane, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space while enhancing sound quality.

  • Acoustic Wall Fabrics

    • Introducing our Fantastic Looking Mesh Acoustic Wall Fabrics. Priced per meter, with a 1.5m roll width. Available in Onyx, Gunmetal, Platinum, Scarlet, Teal, Biscotti, and Ivory. Enhance aesthetics and acoustics, absorb sound waves, and create captivating spaces. Perfect for designers, architects, and homeowners seeking elegance and functionality.
  • Acoustic Absorption Panel

    Our Acoustic Absorption Panel is perfect for managing sound reflections. With an improved black fabric finish, it adds elegance to any space. The inclusion of Rotofast Snap-On Anchors ensures easy installation. Say goodbye to unwanted reflections and create an optimised acoustic environment with our top-notch panel.

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